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We are Philip & Suze from Philip's Cooking on Bonaire, the beautiful island in the Dutch Antilles. Thank you for visiting our website.

Fancy a fully serviced dinner or throwing a complete organised and catered party?

Nice and easy at your own place or do you want to surprise your guests at an amazing outdoor location on Bonaire?

Anything you like, anything you cannot even think of.

Please contact Philip's Cooking & Organizing
Phones: (00 599) 701 1100
            (00 599) 701 1200

  We can help you execute your ideas or let us do the thinking for you!

Philip's Cooking offers:
  Fully serviced dinners, for instance a romantic dinner for 2 or more.
  Private and business catering
  Party snacks
  Island Tours

We will arrange everything for you, from planning, groceries and cooking to cleaning. So you do not have to bother about anything!

This is our full service philosophy!

Furthermore we can offer you:
  Wedding services
  Extra hands
  Cooking demonstrations
  Guided Island Tours